Privacy Policy

1. What is a cookie and what does it do?

Cookies are saved in the hard drive or memory of the visitor’s computer. A cookie is a small file that is sent by a web server (which is the computer on which the visited website is running) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and which is saved on the user’s device when he/she visits a website like this. Cookies allow the website to function efficiently and improve its performance, and they also provide the owner with information for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize the browsing experience by recalling preferences and browsing methods.
The cookie is similar to an exclusively personal badge, whose task is to communicate on our website when you return. Many sites, including (the “Site”), use them. Cookies tell us how often you visit pages and this helps us understand what information visitors may be interested in. In this way, we can offer more content that appeals to a specific behavior, and less that may not be of interest to the user. Cookies help us to be more efficient and to remember the preferences and names of users, to register products and services and to personalize the pages.
Cookies do not collect information that directly identifies the user. Indeed, Cleeven cannot, through cookies, trace any personal information directly identifying a person (e.g. name, first name) if the information is not directly transmitted by the user. Furthermore, another website cannot use a cookie issued by Cleeven to access other information contained in the user’s computer. Once saved on the computer, the cookie can only be read by the website that created it (and therefore, in our case, by
Cookies can be “session” (when they are memorized exclusively for the duration of the browsing session on the site and are deleted when the browser is closed), or “permanent” (they are memorized for a longer period of time, until they expire or are deleted by the user).

2. The cookies used our site

Cleeven uses different types of cookies and similar technologies, each of which has a specific function.
To optimize the use of the site and personalized features, the computer, tablet or mobile device must accept cookies. Our information on the use of cookies provides instructions on the type of cookies used and how to manage, control and delete them.
We would like to point out that cookies do not damage your device.

Navigation cookies

From the first time you access the site, these cookies allow the site to function correctly and allow you to see the contents on your device, recognizing the language and currency of the country from which you have decided to connect. If you are a registered user, they will allow you to be recognized and to access the services offered in the spaces dedicated to this purpose. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the functioning of the site.
These cookies are generally temporary, known as “session cookies”, and are issued by the Site to the user’s computer during navigation, but they are memorized exclusively for the duration of that navigation session. This means that when the user turns off the browser, the cookies are automatically deleted and disappear, without remaining in the computer’s memory. They consist of random numbers generated by the server and ensure a safe and efficient exploration of the Site.

Functional Cookies

These cookies allow, on the basis of the express request of the user, to facilitate navigation within the site, for example by recognizing the connection data to a user account so that it is not necessary to insert its data on each visit (e.g.: “Remember me”).
If you have added items to your shopping cart and closed the session without completing the purchase and without removing them, these cookies will allow you to continue shopping the next time you access the site (for a limited time) by retrieving the selected items.
Functional cookies are not essential to the operation of the site, but improve the quality and experience of navigation.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to develop statistical analyses of the browsing patterns of our site users. We use certain third-party services that install their own cookies independently.

Marketing and profiling cookies

These cookies are used to create profiles of the user in order to send commercial messages based on the preferences expressed during the visit or to improve your browsing experience: when you browse our site, these cookies are useful to show you products of interest or similar to those you have seen. These cookies are issued by the site, on the user’s computer, during the navigation and are memorized beyond the duration of the navigation session, until they expire or until the user deletes them (called “permanent cookies”).
The use of these cookies requires the express and informed consent of the user.

Social Network Cookies

These cookies are necessary to allow your social network account to interact with our site. They are used, for example, for you to express your appreciation and to share it with your online friends. Social network cookies are not necessary for navigation.

3. Information about cookies issued by

1. The domain name from which the site's server transmits cookies is:
2. Purpose of collection: Cookies are used in order to: • Facilitate simpler and faster navigation within the Site or perform statistical and anonymous analyses/checks on the use of the site (technical cookies);
• Enhance browsing experience by analyzing user preferences (e.g., visited pages, products saved in the cart, etc.) and optimizing your online experience by suggesting the best products and promotions based on the navigation performed (profiling cookies). 3. Cookie validity: The Site uses session cookies (i.e., cookies that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed), as well as permanent cookies (i.e., cookies that are retained until possibly deleted by the user).
4. Need for cookie acceptance: Acceptance of cookies is not mandatory; however, we remind you that disabling navigation cookies or functional cookies may cause site malfunction and/or limit the service we provide.
5. Data communication: Information collected from cookies is confidential and is not disclosed to third parties.

4. Third party cookies uses so-called “third party” cookies (e.g. Google Analytics and Social Network cookies), or cookies that are issued and managed by subjects other than Cleeven. These cookies allow us to offer you our commercial proposal on other linked websites (called “retargeting”). Regarding third party cookies, we do not have control over the information provided by the cookies and we do not have access to this data. This information is fully controlled by the third party companies as described in their respective privacy policies.
In order to allow a free and informed choice, the following information is provided regarding the type and identity of the cookies:

Data managed by Cleeven only:

Contact forms
Data collected: Name, first name, email, telephone and message
Purpose: Customer relationship management
Conservation of data: Registration in database
Retention period: 1 year
Access to data : Cleeven’s customer relations department
Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No
After your objection, an exclusion cookie is stored on your mobile device. If you delete your cookies, you have to click on the link again.

5. Deactivation/deletion of cookies through the web browser

In any case, it is possible to deactivate/activate or delete cookies at any time by using the configuration of your web browser. In particular, if you do not wish to receive cookies, you can configure your browser to alert you to the presence of a cookie and decide whether or not to accept it; you can also automatically refuse all cookies by activating the appropriate option in your browser. It is also possible to eliminate specific cookies that have already been memorized inside the browser, or to block the memorization of cookies on the computer by specific websites, or to block cookies from third parties.
Each browser has its own way of managing cookies, so it is possible to modify/manage the settings and proceed to deletion on the administration panel or preferences.
To disable the use of all or just some of the cookies, it is necessary to change the browser settings (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).
To do so, you can consult the information in the browser’s instruction booklet (called Help Page) or click on the following links
Internet Explorer:
For more information about cookies and to manage your preferences for third-party profiling cookies, please visit
To disable analytics cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data about your browsing experience, you can download the Google Analytics Disabling Browser Add-on:

6. Acceptance of cookies

The user, by continuing his navigation on this Site, by closing the informative banner relating to the cookies or by clicking on any part of the page or going to another page of the Site, declares to have taken knowledge of the Policy of the Cookies of Cleeven and gives his specific consent for the use of the cookies.
We point out that your consent will be required only at the time of the first access to the Site and then every 13 months following the date of your last consent: thanks to the use of a technical cookie we will memorize your consent in order to allow you to directly access the pages of the Site the following times (without prejudice to the right to deactivate/activate the cookies at any time or to erase them (see paragraph 5): in this case or after this period of 13 months the Site will ask you again for your consent) Furthermore, if the user registers on the Site and gives specific consent to the tracking of his or her navigation, the data relating to navigation within the Site may be associated with personal data.
In case of not accepting the cookies by abandoning the navigation, the possible cookies already recorded locally on the navigator will remain recorded there but will not be read nor used by Cleeven until a possible successive acceptance of the Policy of the Cookies. There will always be the possibility of withdrawing these cookies at any time by following the indications on the sites in the paragraph “Deactivation/deletion of cookies through the browser”.

7. Your rights

By means of a communication to be sent to the e-mail address, you may at any time exercise your rights under articles 15 to 23 of the Regulation and articles 38 to 43 of the Law, including knowing what data we are processing, how and for what purposes we use them, to modify or delete the data you have provided us with, to ask us to limit the use of your data or to have a copy of it, to define instructions on what to do with your data in the event of your death, subject always to the possibility of changing your consents or to oppose the use of your data.

8. Possibility to file a complaint

We remind you that if, however, the answers given by Cleeven are not satisfactory (in the sense of paragraph 7 above), you can in any case, if you consider that the treatment that concerns you violates the provisions of the Regulation, file a complaint to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in France, or to the Guarantor of the Country where you usually reside, work or where the alleged violation was verified.

9. Data Protection Officer (Délégué à la protection des données)

The Data Protection Officer, in accordance with art. 37 of the Regulation, can be reached at the following e-mail address

10. Which provision applies to the processing of data?

The processing of your data is governed by the EU Regulation 679/2016 General Data Protection Regulation and by the national regulations applicable in this case, insofar as these regulations will remain applicable after the date of application of the Regulation (25 May 2018).