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Cleeven values

Integrity, duty, achievement, and courage are the cornerstones of Cleeven's DNA. Discover the essential values that guide our company. These values, embodied by every member of our team, form the foundation of our commitment to excellence, ethics, and progress. Welcome to the world of Cleeven, where these values inspire and motivate us every day."


  • Being honest (with yourself and others)
  • Alaways act with good intentions
  • Remaining impartial and reasoning objectively
  • Remembering where yu come from


  • Accepting that everything depends on you
  • Recognizing and accepting responsability for your mistakes
  • Analysing your failures and success
  • Acting as an example to others


  • Knowing yourself
  • Questioning your beliefs
  • Identifying what drives you and harness it
  • Getting beyond your Ego
  • Exceeding your limits


  • Doing what is right
  • Making decisions
  • Putting your thoughts into action
  • Being self-affirming and affirming to others
  • Taking measured risks
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