Business sectors

Energy Sector Photo | Cleeven Consulting


From renewable energies to nuclear, passing through gas and oil, we accompany our clients with commitment and expertise to shape a better future.

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Service sector & Banking Photo | Cleeven Consulting

Service & Banking

Innovation and risk management/compliance guide our actions in the tertiary and banking sector. From digital transformation to project management, our team ensures the success of each project, offering our clients the peace of mind needed to thrive.

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Aerospace & Defence Sector Photo | Cleeven Consulting

Aerospace & Defence

For the demanding aerospace and security sector, system reliability is critical. From sizing to mechanical design, our commitment to excellence ensures performance and safety.

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Transport Sector Photo | Cleeven Consulting


Efficiency is at the core of our approach in the transportation sector. From project management to mechanics, we offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of mobility and connectivity.

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Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sector Photo | Cleeven Consulting

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

At Cleeven, security and innovation are paramount in the pharmaceutical sector. From conception to sterilization, our commitment to excellence ensures the quality of products essential for public health.

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IT & Telecommunications Sector Photo | Cleeven Consulting

IT & Telecom

Constant innovation and performance drive our actions in the information technology and telecommunications sector. From design to network engineering, we assist our clients in tackling the challenges of this ever-evolving industry.

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